'Kilnhurst Sui Dynasty'

Miniature American Shepherd

Meg has been speyed due to her anxiety issues, she is most certainly on the Autistic Spectrum.

Most vets choose not to diagnose dogs with 'Canine Autism', even though dogs exhibit the same signs and symptoms as humans. Instead, they prefer to refer to the condition as a 'Canine Dysfunctional Behaviour'.

In puppies and dogs, this behaviour is rare. It is believed to be idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown. Some theorize it is a congenital condition inherited from a parent or relative.

They reason it is caused by a lack of mirroring neurons in the animal’s brain. Mirroring neurons mirror the behaviour of others, thereby teaching an animal how to behave, and relate to other dogs. Without properly working neurons, the dog rarely interacts with other people or dogs, which in turn causes a lack of empathy.

Most dogs diagnosed with canine autism are reactive and often lack socialization skills. Reactive animals often inherit an anxiety disorder. They become reactive because they don’t know how to cope.

The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in human patients is based on the following two key criteria:

  • Impairments in social communication and social interaction

  • Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities


Height 17"/43cm


Health Tests


CEA/CH - Clear (by Parentage)

PRA - Clear (by Parentage)

HSF4 - Clear (by Parentage)

CMR1 - Clear (by Parentage)

MDR1 - Carrier Mutant/Normal by DNA 

CM - Clear (by Parentage)

DM/SOD1 - Clear (by Parentage)